For The Massive, Not The Masses.

Sebotage was founded in London in Spring 2019, off an idea that merch didn’t have to feel like merch, and that good design and good music go hand in hand.

I’m obsessed with Drum & Bass and Rave culture. I’ve met some of my closest friends front-left, and the underground music scene is where you can find some of the most open-minded, interesting and just downright VIBEY people. It’s a place where so many different backgrounds come together with a shared interest; of banging tunes, good energy and just enough anarchy to free ourselves for a few hours a week.

I design clothing which celebrates the scene, and the universal language we speak there.

It’s about real people, not faceless brands. Sebotage uses local screenprinters and embroiderers to produce the clothing. Because they’re the ones you see next to you at the front, the one’s lending you a skin in the smoking area.

Drum & Bass and Rave inspired fashion. Design for the Culture.

Clothing for The Massive, not the masses.