"FOR THE MASSIVE" Midweight Hoodie - Pastel Blue

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Image of "FOR THE MASSIVE" Midweight Hoodie - Pastel Blue Image of "FOR THE MASSIVE" Midweight Hoodie - Pastel Blue

I've never been one to put my logo as a design - I just love making new pieces so the illustration is always a starting point, and the logo gets tucked away somewhere. But I've realised I literally haven't EVER released a logo piece.

I still wanted it to be a bit more than just slapping a logo on a hoodie and calling it a day, so I've worked up a box logo that tells the Sebotage mantra: 'For the Massive, Not the Masses'. I want my stuff to be worn by the kind of people that inspire me - Ravers, my second family who I'm proper missing right now with the absence of raves.

So this one's for you.

I'm also excited to be bringing some colour into my hoodies. As the winter months pass, and the raves are still shut, I think we need all the brightness we can get.

**These come with a centre-chest embroidered design. The classic pullover style features a double fabric hood, twin needle stitching and kangaroo pouch pockets and generally is just comfy as hell.

Big up.